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“For an academic work that allows all the benefits and integrity of such, this book is also indisputably and ‘easy read’ and equally succinct. ….all Australian Folk and Country Music enthusiasts will no doubt benefit from curing up in a warm place and enjoying …” Graham Dodsworth in Folk Alliance News September 2005-09-22



“This fascinating book is probably the first book to pull together succinctly the appropriate parts of the spectrum that concentrate on folk and country (particularly in Australia) and deal with the surrounding aspects of contemporary acoustic music that cross the borders between these…this is a wise and inclusive start…An incredibly rich harvest of music, song, history and truth.”

Ken Ferguson  “Singing along in rural Australia” in West Australian 10/9/2005

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“Singing Australian is essentially about the construction of folk, country and multicultural music as culturally identifiable ‘music scenes’ and styles sung with a politically Australian voice. ..The book fervently thrusts music into the history debates around concepts of the national, nationalism and nationhood…Graeme’s work represents serious and significant historical research and understanding. It  is deeply embedded in archival and oral evidence, yet is informed by Graeme’s critical reflection on his own personal engagement with these musics. Graeme’s critical scholarly and reflective insight, evident page after page, belies the surface pace and ease of the book...great research, provocative story-telling and an outstanding publication”


Robyn Holmes , Curator of Music, National Library of Australia,  launching the book at the National Folk Convention, Canberra , Sept 2, 2005. National Library of Australia

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Dave Dawson, presenter of Nu Country television and Country Music journalist presented  this review on the Nu Coutnry website.

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“How a nation’s discourse came to be reflected in tune”

Warwick McFadyen , Sunday Age, August 14 2005

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