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General Areas:Popular music studies and ethnomusicology, especially music and national and group identity, folk revival musics, Irish traditional music, Australian country music, multicultural and world music, construction of social meaning, voice and body.

Much of my previous research has investigated the construction of social meaning in Irish traditional dance music, and the expressions of emigration, modernisation and identity within its practice. I have also written extensively on the Australian folk and country movements, as well as the way the Australian world/multicultural music has interacted with official and popular politics of difference and identity.

Singing Australian: A History of Folk and Country Music  is published by Pluto Press in July 2005.  In this book I trace the history of these musical scenes showing how they have entered into the many-sided debates on community, nation and identity  which have  dominated public discourse over the last thirty  years.  For more  information contact  me at the  email address above. More details of the book, including reviews, discussion can be found through the "further details" link below.  

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